Introducing a revolution in hinge design


The DIAB Deluxe Hinge Range is a feat of inspired engineering and hand crafted excellence. The patented design provides unrivalled flexibility for high-end interior and exterior doors. Whether included within a prime residence, luxurious super-yacht, or private Jet.


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Nothing less than perfection

Designed and manufactured in a purpose built and fully equipped facility near the capital, the DIAB Deluxe Hinge Range has been devised by the most skilled engineers.


The DIAB workshop offers an unparalleled level of quality and service.

The patented dual lever arm technology delivers enhanced flexibility for complex configurations.

Luxurious design blends seamlessly into high-end interiors and exteriors


The DIAB Deluxe Hinge Range is available in four hinge sizes.

As door thickness increases, more luxurious door designs can be integrated into projects.

This also means, higher quality recessed handles can be fitted to doors of increased thickness.


A gap as small as 3mm can be achieved between adjacent doors.

Spacesaver Feature

A great feature of the DIAB Deluxe Hinge Range are that they can open within their own space. A gap as small as 3mm can be achieved between adjacent doors.

The unique hinge design pushes the boundaries of furniture design and allows product designers to take their creations to reality.


Diverse range of finishes

The entire DIAB range is available in marine grade 316 Stainless steel, hand polished to either a satin or mirror finish. A hard wearing PVD coating can also be applied to the hinges in one of 9 colours.

A base material of Brass is also possible 

Unique, innovative design

The DIAB Deluxe Hinge Range have 90 degree opening angles.

This creates a flush, full-width capability.

Internal door face and internal unit perfectly align.


Contact us for information on the full range of colours and finishes available.